Information Technology Lead Developer


Ref: 173

This vacancy is now closed

My client operates in the Financial/Technology industry providing a Business in a Box product to Martial Arts Customer across the UK. Technology is at the core of their operations and presents significant opportunities in gaining new customers and facilitating existing customers with business solutions under one umbrella.  
The security and richness of functionality for their customers within the internal and external systems will be a major contributor to maximising sales. Actions taken by the job-holder to develop, design, implement and manage new systems will have a direct impact on new customer numbers and retention, and therefore on the overall achievement of sales and profit. 

A flexible and mature approach is required to deal with the high level of change and subsequent workload management.Working with the Management team and Director of Information Technology, the job holder is expected to develop the strategic approach to the delivery, development, maintenance and support of both customer facing systems and internal management systems.

The role requires a high level of maturity and information technology management experience. The job holder will have a significant level of autonomy in suggesting new processes that will benefit the business. It will be necessary to demonstrate creativity in finding solutions to business problems that will increase sales and/or reduce costs.  

The key purpose of this role will be to:

  • Manage, develop, test and implement software systems. 
  • Protect the business through robust testing policies both internal & external.
  • Ensure that any interface with financial systems does not compromise the integrity of those systems, and ensure that appropriate actions are taken by those responsible for backup processes to maintain the integrity of all customer facing systems
  • Deliver and continually refine systems to stay ahead of new technological developments that will bring benefits within agreed budgets
  • Contribute to overall systems strategy as directed by the IT Director and Managing Director

Specific Skills:

  • Working knowledge of the SCRUM framework and Agile methodology
  • Experience of unit testing and continuous delivery
  • High levels of creativity in the development of technology solutions
  • An in-depth understanding of information technology used by NEST – in particular the Microsoft Stack including ASP.NET, MVC, and SQL Server
  • The ability to develop systems from customer specification through to the design, coding, testing and implementation stages.

Personal Attributes:

  • Positive mental attitude coupled with a desire to deliver leading edge customer solutions through secure and robust processes
  • Strong desire to succeed through measurement and management of goals
  • Desire to continue personal development in both business processes and the latest technology 
  • Ability to prioritise, decide and deliver
  • Free thinking, creative and innovative
  • Professional personal presentation
  • Ability to be a team player and have fun!