Lead Front End Developer

Nottinghamshire | Contract

Ref: 11

This vacancy is now closed

We’re looking for someone that can:

  • Can work closely with analysts and designers to implement best-of-breed, responsive websites using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3
  • be a part of a small, close knit and Agile team working on a wide range of activities to get a new business and products up and running
  • design and prototype demos and production sites for web, mobile and tablets
  • collaborate and integrate code with application developers
  • develop designs that support white labelling
  • has experience of Front end build tools (i.e. GULP, Webpack, Rollup etc.)
  • knowledge of W3C Web Content Accessibility (AAA)

The skills you’ll need:

  • familiarity with JavaScript frameworks (ideally React)
  • comfortable working with a variety of code and issue management systems 
  • creativity with appreciation of user-experience, business, and commercial issues. 
  • deep understanding of CSS/SCSS including methodologies such as BEM.
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • strong portfolio of commercial static and dynamic websites

Not essential, but skills that put you into our “we want you” band:

  • experience with start-ups
  • ability and willingness to work on a variety of tasks related to starting a business
  • knowledge and understanding of front end frameworks such as React